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Business & Commercial Contracts

One of the biggest mistake many companies make is underestimating the value of a well written contract. For better or for worse, the days of handshake agreements have long since passed. Today, many companies face narrowing profit margins with the increasing cost of labor and operations, and a legal mistake can be the difference between continuing operations or closing up shop. An experienced business and commercial contracts attorney in Houston and Sugar Land can make all of the difference. 


Business and commercial contracts are needed in almost every area of company operations. Whether it be purchasing and distribution, employment, transportation of goods, real and personal property leasing, or construction, an agreement drafted by a lawyer should be your first step. Without the correct contracts signed by both parties represented by legal counsel, you can easily find yourself in a lawsuit spending thousands of dollars arguing over an oral agreement or a contract printed out from the internet that does not cover anything you wanted it to. 


At ML|MW, our goal is to make sure you understand what business or commercial contract you need, that your contract states what you intended to agree to, and that you understand any risks involved as well as how to minimize those risks. Give us a call today at (281) 582-1296 to schedule your free consultation with an experienced business and commercial contract law attorney and put your business in the best position to succeed. 

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