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Texas Gestational Surrogacy

Throughout the last several years, the  use of assisted reproduction by couples looking to start a family has significantly increased with the advance of medicine. This process, while exciting, can also be stressful and emotional to the prospective parents. Navigating the legal system can add to that stress. However, you do not have to navigate it alone. 

The gestational surrogacy attorneys at ML|MW are knowledgeable in the gestational surrogacy process and what is required under Texas law. Whether you need representation in negotiating and drafting the initial gestational surrogacy agreement, validating the gestational surrogacy agreement with the court as required under Texas law, filing the Notice of Parentage, obtaining the Order of Parentage, or needing general advice on how the gestational surrogacy process works, we are here to help. We are experienced in negotiating many of the various aspects of gestational surrogacy agreements including compensation for organ loss, breast milk arrangements with your surrogate, travel arrangements, and allowances for various issues that may arise. 

Contact our offices to speak to a  gestational surrogacy or schedule a consultation. We have attorney's available in Georgetown, Houston, Lubbock, and Sugar Land, Texas. 


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